Femi RedwoodWeekend Anchor

Connect With Femi Redwood

Femi Redwood anchors the weekend evening newscasts and is a reporter during the week at NBC 25 and FOX 66 News.

She enjoys covering breaking news but also loves telling stories that matter to the community. Her goal is to always be a better journalist today than she was yesterday.

Femi grew up in Delaware and South Carolina but calls Brooklyn, New York her home.

She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association. Femi is a graduate of Jackson State University, a historically black college in Mississippi.

Femi jokes that she is “Jamerican” (Jamaican and American), and is always looking for a great place to find Caribbean food. She is obsessed with antique furniture and vintage clothes.

When Femi is not working, she enjoys looking for the hidden gems in her community. If you have any recommendations, Femi would love to hear from you. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.