18 Holes of Mid-Michigan: Staying quiet at Vassar Golf and Country Club

The Back 9 of the 18 Holes of Mid-Michigan continues at Vassar Golf and Country Club, where a tough Par 3 is the challenge.

Located on the Back 9 itself, the Par 3 14th Hole is a pretty standard distance at about 150 yards, but it has it's fair share of obstacles. A line of trees surround the right, back and left sides of the green. The trees on the right side actually hang over a section of the green, meaning a player has to hit a fade or to the left side of the green to stay safe. And if they overcompensate, a bunker sits on the left side of the hole waiting to gobble up golf balls.

On this day, the pin was in a tough spot...the left side of the green. After hitting aforementioned trees on the right, Tom Eschen's ball got a favorable bounce in the fairway a few feet short of the green. But, with little green to work with, an accurate chip was needed. Instead of a bump and run, Vassar Pro Josh Whalen gave some instruction on popping the ball up and working with the few feet between the pin and the fringe.

-Optimal club to use is a club with a high loft, like a sand wedge
-Position ball towards back of stance, a little past the halfway point about 3/4 towards the back foot
-Keep Quiet
-Very little movement in hands, wrists, body...except for the swing
-No big divots, sweep the ground
-Weigh forward, hands ahead of golf ball
-Pick landing target
-Get ball just barely on the green, avoid fringe to stay away from bad hops

Watch the video to see more tips, and how Fox 66's Tom Eschen fared on the tough hole.

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