Flushing girls top East Kentwood, win Class A State Title!

The Flushing girls basketball team celebrates after winning the Class A State Championship.

While most fans were focused on teams like Heritage, Midland Dow and Carman-Ainsworth the Flushing girls went quietly about their business beating just about any team that dared take the court with them. After dropping two of their first three games of the season, the Raiders went on to win 23 of their next 24 games including a 49-38 win over the Falcons on Saturday.

Breanna Perry led the way for Flushing with 12 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks and 4 steals, and it was a fitting ending to her impressive career. But she was more excited about the impact her performance had on the rest of the school.

"It feels great to be able to bring this back home and at school," she said. "All the support feels really good."

Head Coach Larry Ford was his usual stoic self after the game but even he admitted, he got a little emotional.

"When I walked in to talk to the team just before we came in here, then it really starts to take hold of me on what they did and also the fact that I've got six seniors that won't be back next year and so those emotions kind of go up and down."

This is just the second state title in school history regardless of the sport. Someday the emotions and the gravity of what they were able to accomplish this season will set in, but for now the shock of a state title is alittle more than some of them can process.

Carson Wilson spoke to reporters after the game. "This whole tournament has been an out of body experience for me and I think for all the other girls, we're just still trying to comprehend it all it's a lot to take in."

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