18 Holes of Mid-Michigan: How to avoid a downhill round at Tyrone Hills Golf Club

FENTON -- We have another bout with elevation on our 18 Holes of Mid-Michigan series today, heading to the 14th Hole at Tyrone Hills Golf Club.

It's a short Par 4 at around 370 yards, but a large hump in the middle of the fairway all but garuntees that your second shot will be either an uphill or a downhill lie. A perfect drive will sit on the top of that hill, but the landing area is not a big one.

For the everyday golfer, a drive of 250 yards or more will take you over that hump, and you'll be faced with that dreaded downhill lie. Tyrone Hills Golf Club head Professional Denis Husse gave us some tips on how to hit that shot effectively.

For a slight downhill lie:-Favor the ball in your stance on your high foot (right foot if right handed and vice versa)-Swing with the slope-Expect a forward spin after the ball lands

For a severe downhill lie:-Club up if necessary-Play the ball back even more in stance-Shanks can come into play -Contrary to popular belief, shanks come off the neck of the club, not the toe

-To avoid: Take the club straight back and straight forward-Quick fix to shanks: Try hitting ball off the toe of the club for awhile

To see the full lesson with Denis Husse and Fox 66's Tom Eschen, watch the video now!

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