18 Holes of Mid-Michigan: Drawing up success at Currie Golf Course


Currie Golf Course has several holes that will test the game of any type of golfer. But when you're on the course, and a frequent Currie golfer says one hole is "nightmare", you know that hole means business.

It's Hole #8. A baby dogleg left, the distance of 416 from the back tees is not particularly scary, but the view from the tee is. On the right a fairway bunker sits in the right rough about 250 yards away from the tee. On the left, a pond menaces golfers, sitting between the tee and the green. In between the pond and the bunker is a small patch of fairway about 20 yards long.

To navigate this hole, the golfer must choose to lay up to a larger landing area, or try to hit it over the patch of fairway to the larger landing area. To make for a shorter approach (a tough one in itself), we chose to explore the latter, and to do that a draw (right to left arc) is the proper shot to play.

Currie Golf Course professional Paul Milholland has some tips on how to hit a draw on this difficult hole.

Line Up Properly-At address, line up shoulders to face farther right, in this case, towards the bunker.-Line up feet to match shouldersSwing technique-Bring club back to match shoulders/feet-Make sure club is coming back inside-During follow through, release to the outside-Tee up ball a touch higher than normal

Watch the videos to see Milholland's lesson for Fox 66's Tom Eschen.

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