18 Holes of Mid-Michigan: Approaching the 5th at Apple Mountain

We get some elevation in our latest stop in our 18 Holes of Mid-Michigan series, taking a look at the downhill Par 3 5th Hole at Apple Mountain Golf Club in Freeland.

Coincidentally, a ski hill rests just feet away from this downhill Par 3. About 150 yards from the blue tees, the back to front sloped green is completely surrounded by trees...and it kind of even looks like an apple. Two bunkers behind the green have the look of 'leaves', while a small pond sits on the front right portion of the green as well.

For a hole like this, a plan is necessary, the golfer has to contend with and think about wind, elevation, pin location, so the pre-shot routine and club selection is vital.

Apple Mountain Head Professional Chad Maxim helps us with that from the moment you step on the tee:

-Figure out which way the wind is blowing
-Elevation can be deceiving, the flag at the bottom of the gully might be blowing a different direction than up in the air where the ball will blow
-On this hole, look to the buildings in the distance to get a better indication
-Take into account the actual drop, the farther down you're hitting it, the less club you'll need.

-Establish a pre-shot routine
-Perform the same action before every stroke
-Actual routine can vary, depending on comfortability
-Practice swings can help, make sure you're lined up
-Set an intermediate target in front of the golf ball, taking into account the variables discussed above

Watch the video to see the full lesson and find out how this was an interesting hole for Fox 66's Tom Eschen.

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