Undocumented children under 5 in Grand Rapids will be reunited with family by end of day

The recent separation of undocumented children from parents by ICE has prompted much outrage.

Some of the undocumented children staying in Grand Rapids who were separated from parents as part of the Trump Administration's zero-tolerance immigration crackdown will be reunited with family by the end of Tuesday, said Donna Abbott, Director of Refugee and Immigrant Services with Bethany Christian Services.

Just last week congressional representatives from Ohio and Michigan had the opportunity to tour Bethany Christian Services, where some of the undocumented children are staying as a result of being separated.

"I am pleased to announce as of this morning 100 percent of the children in Bethany’s care that were forcibly separated during the zero tolerance policy under the age of 5, have or will be reunified today," Abbott said, referring to a judge's recent deadline requiring that parents and children are reunited.

"In Michigan and Maryland we're handling at least seven," she added, referring to number of children under the age of 5.

Bethany Christian Services declined to say how many undocumented children over the age of 5 remain separated from their parents, instead referring those questions to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The move to reunite children with their parents comes after the unprecedented decision by the Trump Administration to separate undocumented children and their parents prompted public outcry, and resulted in a glut of new problems as to what to do with the children, some of which are refugees.

The Trump Administration has since reversed its policy.

Chris Palusky, the CEO of Bethany Christian Services, didn't mince words when talking about the decision to separate parents from children.

"The forced separation of refugee children from asylum seeking families is a gaping wound in our country, and this country cannot begin to heal until every child is reunited with their families," he said. "Bethany Christian Services will not rest until every child is reunited with its family. "

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