Judge jails Detroit man whose sentence is many years overdue

(MGN Online)

DETROIT (AP) - A judge says she's "trying to get to the bottom" of why a Detroit man hasn't been sentenced yet for manslaughter, six years after he pleaded no contest to the charge.

Judge Cynthia Gray Hathaway tells The Associated Press that the case is "very strange."

Leroy Moon has been free on bond since his plea in 2011, although his plea deal called for a year in jail. Hathaway ordered him to jail Monday while she awaits a pre-sentence report on what the 78-year-old has been doing for all that time.

Moon was accused of shooting a man who urinated outside his fish market. He pleaded no contest to manslaughter after his murder trial ended in a mistrial.

He'll get credit while being locked up until the next court hearing.

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