Enbridge reports damage to Line 5

Enbridge has reported there is damage to Line 5 (file photo).

EMMET COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) -- State officials said the vessel that likely ruptured utility lines in the Straits of Mackinac has also possibly damaged Line 5.

Tuesday night Enbridge told state officials that there were three small dents in Line 5, likely because of the same vessel activity that caused the mineral oil leak.

Sunday, April 1 a leak was reported on two utility lines owned by American Transmission Company and about 600 gallons of mineral oil spilled from the lines.

The United States Coast Guard reported Friday the leak was likely caused by vessel activity in the straits.

Enbridge said the dents don't pose a threat to the straits but authorities with the state are demanding their own experts verify that information.

“An anchor strike was the largest risk identified in a previous independent analysis of the Enbridge pipeline, which is apparently what happened in the Straits last week," Snyder said. "We need to accelerate these studies so they are completed as soon as feasibly and responsibly possible."

In a press release Wednesday, Governor Rick Snyder called on Enbridge, the owner of Line 5, to speed up the evaluation to find an alternative to the crude oil line that runs under the straits.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley has asked Attorney General Bil Schuette to start legal actions on behalf of Michigan against the ship's owners, operators and other possibly responsible parties.

“There is no excuse for the ship’s actions, which risked devastating environmental harm as well as the loss of vital infrastructure for communications, electrical power, and heat for residents of the Upper Peninsula,” Calley said.

The infrastructure under the Straits of Mackinac supply the Upper Peninsula with petroleum, natural gas, electricity and telephone communications.

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