Dort Highway extension in Grand Blanc Township close to final approval

A $16 Million project to connect Dort Highway with Baldwin Road could have final approval soon. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

A project extending Dort Highway to connect with Baldwin Road in southern Grand Blanc Township could be approved in the next sixty days. Three options for the project were presented to residents at the Grand Blanc Township Police Department on Wednesday night. Must of the $16 Million project will be paid with money earmarked for economic development by the State of Michigan. Dort Highway would be connected to Baldwin Road with a mile-long connector as part of the project. Some of the property to make the connector possible will be donated by Genesis Health System. The rest would have to be purchased through private landholders. Genesee County Road Commission Director John Daly says the new road is needed to help spur job growth along the Baldwin Road and Holly Road area.

“You’re looking at an increase in the research park at Genesis. There will be a VA walk-in clinic on the campus in the next three of four years. Meijer is also planning to build in the area. All of that will bring additional work to the county, and we need to have the infrastructure ready to support it,” Daly says.

Some residents took issue with the project all together. Many concerned about the flow of traffic which would increase through the area. As well as the increased traffic noise. Project planners said they would hope to address some of those concerns once the final plans are approved.

Genesee County Road Commission is expected to find out if the project is approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation within 60 days. Construction on the project wouldn’t start until spring of 2019.

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