Profitt Report: Tips for expecting families when creating your baby registry

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    This is a busy month for expecting families. Babies”R”Us expects 70,000 registries will be created by the end of January.

    Creating a registry is supposed to make gift-giving easier for your guests but with so many options, it can be confusing for new parents to decide what to put on their wish list. The trick is figuring out what you absolutely need and what you don’t.

    “We have a baby shower coming up, we are inviting about 200 people,” said Rimi and Amir Abuaita of Genesee County. Rimi is about 28 weeks along with their first child, a boy, and they’ve been busy creating a registry at Babies “R”Us.

    “We just did our wedding registry a couple years ago and it's very similar but now you're not thinking about yourself, you're thinking about someone else,” Amir said.

    They needed a little help going through their options, so Connie Canales, assistant store manager at Babies”R”Us in Flint Township, spent some time with the couple.

    “I came in one morning and we went through the must-have list and she went through every department with me to make sure, this is what you need, this is what you really don't need,” Rimi said.

    Here are some items you might consider essential according to Babies”R”Us:

    -Infant car seat

    -A stroller

    -A crib

    -A baby monitor


    -Among other items. For a complete list, please click here.

    Canales said to avoid this rookie mistake: don’t just think about what your baby needs as an infant, consider what he or she will need as a toddler!

    “Register for items the baby is going to need in the near future beyond their first year, like the high chairs they're going to need,” she said.

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