Profitt Report: Selling your home? Here are some strategies to make it less of a headache

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    Those who are selling their homes this summer will likely get a good offer, as home prices are continuing to climb across the country according to the S & P Core Logic Case Shiller Index.

    However, just because we’re looking at a market that tends to favor sellers, doesn’t mean you get to slack off. A few simple strategies could keep both you and potential buyers happy.

    It only took about a month before Tom Schwind of Midland took his house off the market – he sold it!

    “I listed it last year and it was on the market for quite a while, didn't receive any offers, very few showings. This year was much more pleasant because it was over so fast,” he said.

    His first piece of advice to other sellers is to take time to find a realtor your trust.

    “I interviewed four realtors,” Schwind said.

    Here are the questions tom asked all four:

    “How are they going to sell my house? How are they going to represent me?” he said.

    Next, beyond a deep clean, you’ll want to de-clutter says Tom Darger, an associate broker with Ayre Rhinehart Realtors in Midland.

    “A house feels a lot smaller when there are a lot of things in there and it costs you almost nothing to declutter,” Darger said.

    Your goal is to neutralize your home, that way, the buyers can picture themselves living there. The best way to do that according to Darger? Paint!

    “Whether you paint yourself or you hire a painter, we have national data on this fact, that is you get 100 cents on the dollar, every dollar you put into painting a house,” Darger said.

    Last, be accommodating to the buyer. You know how life goes: schedules are unpredictable and it can be hard to nail down a time for a showing.

    “People are going to call at the last minute, it's going to be a pain, make it available to them,” Schwind said.

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