Profitt Report: Here's what you'll need to go camping for the first time

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The modern world is convenient but there’s something to be said about ditching your tech for a few days.

“Usually takes me about 12 hours to get out of the, I own a restaurant, I have a lot of employees, just to leave everything behind,” said Tom Traynor of Commerce Township. He’s camping with his family at Frankenmuth Jellystone Park.

He’s got camping down to a science, here are his must-haves:

“Lots of water… you never know what the water quality is when you go,” Traynor said, “your first aid kit, your sunscreen, that type of thing, some sort of shelter.”

An easy, affordable shelter for beginners is a tent. We stopped by the Coleman store at the Birch Run Premium Outlets. For $100 or less, you can get a roomy tent.

“You can get a small, four-person tent and really save a lot of money or you can get the 10-12 person tent, it's almost like a hotel away from home,” said Jason Wolverton, director of marketing and business development at the outlets, and a tent-camper himself.

Here’s his suggestion when looking for camping gear:

“If you think you might only be going once or twice a summer, you probably don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, you might just want to get some of the entry level stuff,” Wolverton said.

You can find a sleeping bag for around $30. Next, you gotta eat.

“Personally, eating is my favorite part of camping, it seems like everything you do, you plan around the meals,” Wolverton said.

You’ll need a cooler, you can get a smaller one for under $100 and something to prepare the food such as a grill or equipment to cook over the fire.

“There's some awesome utensils here to go over top the fire, you'd be amazed at some of the meals you can prepare with just an open flame and a little bit of time,” Wolverton said.

Throw in a few flashlights and you’re looking at about $300-500 total.

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