Profitt Report: Here are the hottest toys this holiday season

Photo credit: MGN

Christmas morning is right around the corner and Santa can tell you, kids toys have changed a lot in the last few decades.

“We have a Hot Wheels set here, Barbie is still popular, Lego is still popular. A lot of the toys that really spark the imagination and kids love are still around, they have the same effect on kids now as they did back then,” said Greg Johnson, store director of Meijer in Thomas Township in Saginaw Co.

However, Johnson said interactive toys are the hot ticket items.

Fingerlings (tiny, interactive monkeys you wear on your finger) and Hatchimals are a hit with kids everywhere.

“[Hatchimals) start out as an egg and then the child will play with it and the egg will hatch,” Johnson said.

For big kids, the Xbox is still a hit along with Nerf Guns.

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