Profitt Report: Done with your high school prom dress? Donate it!

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This is a big time of year for high school students and their parents: graduation, perhaps applying to college and prom.

Senior prom is a right-of-passage for teens across the country but the cost can keep some teens from attending.

Here’s the good news: teens in the Midwest spend the least on prom according to a survey by Yahoo Style. The bad news: that’s still more than $600 on average.

A group of Gratiot Co. college students are making sure anyone who wants to attend prom, can, regardless of the cost.

Paige Daniel remembers her prom and the costs that came with it.

“We’re talking like $500 up to $1,000 even and we noticed that it can be a very exclusive event,” Daniel said.

That sounds like a lot, but tally it up:

Estimate about $300 for a gown.

$50 for a prom ticket.

Pre-dance dinner for $30.

Hair, make-up, nails: we’ll be conservative at $70.

We’re already at $450, not including dress accessories, flowers or a limo rental.

“We thought maybe this would take a load off that cost for them and this would knock out one of their things they quote unquote, need, for prom,” Daniel said.

Daniel and her classmates started the Prom Closet in Alma. It’s a spin-off from the Career Closet where ladies can pick up business clothes for free, run by the Women’s Resource Center of Mid-Michigan. Daniel and her peers are running the Prom Closet alongside them.

“Most people aren't going to reuse their prom dresses,” said Audrey Karr, another Alma College student helping with the closet, “why not donate it to somebody?”

Anyone can drop off their prom dress, shoes or accessories to the closet. Any teenager can stop by and pick up a dress, even if they don’t live in Gratiot Co, 100 percent free. For more information, please click here.

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