Civil Service Commission approves new rules for state employees

Civil Service Commission approves new rules for state employees

LANSING, Mich. (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) - New tonight, the Civil Service Commission approved new rules for state employees that has labor unions fuming.

Union members from across the state came to Lansing to fight against a new measure that they say will rig the rules against civil servants.

"We are fighting for our rights," said Aspaceia Fisher.

Fisher began her day optimistic.

She and three of the state's largest labor unions pushed hard against proposed rules that they felt would harm state employees like her.

"It impacts us all," she said.

While they flooded the front steps of the Civil Service building, inside, the sea of red begged the Civil Service Commission not to compromise collective bargaining rules.

"It would completely effect our work rules we have in place. It would destroy the incentives for our seniority, longevity, job security issues," said Denise Greer, a career union member.

She's concerned Governor Snyder is trying to end labor unions collective bargaining rights.

"Since he signed the Right to Work legislation we've seen wages in Michigan continuously plummet," said Greer.

"He tries to tear us apart, but there is power in numbers," said Suzan Forch.

But when it was put to a vote, the numbers weren't there. The commission voted three to one to adopt the new rules.

Janet McClelland said she believes the changes will enable state government to operate in a way to serve the people of the state of Michigan through a efficient and standard process.

We reached out, but Governor Rick Snyder did not comment on the new rule change these state workers are so concerned about.

Right now there are 35,000 civil servants in Michigan.

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