YouTube series Karmen Hills to highlight Flint’s local talent

    The series Karmen Heights looks to spotlight the Flint area and its local talent. (WEYI)<p>{/p}

    FLINT, Mich. --If you’ve been following the Flint water crisis, you may have heard the name Carman Heights before.

    It was one of the suggested monikers flint township was considering changing their name to after the water crisis.

    Now, the series Karmen Heights looks to spotlight the Flint area and its local talent.

    Damiekco Smith has been a soccer coach in the community for years and now he’s joining his love of the sport and filmmaking into a new YouTube series.

    “It’s based on soccer. I don’t think there are any other dramas in the areas based specifically on soccer.”

    When Damiekco and his twin brother Tamiekco decided to launch the series, his players were there to provide material.

    “Once I started listening to the different stories I started incorporating them,” said Smith.

    He also didn’t have to go far to find talent.

    “I was on coach Dameikco’s soccer team and I’d seen he’d done a few projects previously and they looked pretty fun and everyone said they were fun to be in,” said Jeff Lange, who plays Kaeden in the series.

    “We always go outside to look for talent, Beverly Hills, we’re in Flint Michigan where there’s a water crisis with these beautiful young kids and they are just as talented as anyone in the country,” said Smith.

    Just like high school – the series incorporates different types of individuals, but it also delves into more debatable topics.

    The series, Karmen Heights, will premiere on YouTube December 26.

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