Your sunglasses might not be providing the eye protection you expect

Photo credit: MGN

Instead of protecting your eyes, the sunglasses you’re wearing could damage your vision.

Dr. Vin Dang, optometrist at Empire Eye and Laser, said some sunglasses aren’t protecting you from UV rays.

"Don't go to the dollar store and pick up a cheap pair of sunglasses thinking you're saving money there, in the long run you're just causing more harm than good,” he said.

He says sunglasses are regulated by the FDA. If they're safe, they'll have a sticker on them that says:

UV 100 or UV 400.

"Otherwise, if it just says ‘UV protection’ or no number, that's when you know it's not the best quality," Vin Dang said.

In fact, wearing unprotected sunglasses is worse than wearing none at all.

"When you're wearing sunglasses your pupils will dilate, so if there's no UV rays in the glasses, more harmful rays will go into the back of the eyes," Vin Dang said.

Unsafe sunglasses usually have a coating of UV sprayed on them so the more you clean off your sunglasses, the more you rub away at that UV coating.

"If it's too good to be true, it probably is. If you are getting five pairs for $100, there's a reason they cost $20 a pair," Vin Dang said.

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