Winter-like storm during spring prompts people to local stores to get prepared


BURTON, Mich-- At Gill-Roys in Burton the slogan is they got it when you need it, a motto that Asst. Manager Pam hill says is a perk of a local business.

"We carry everything all year round once they get low the big stores are usually all out," said Hill.

It's also helpful you're dealing with an upcoming winter like storm in April, something Gill-roy's customer Eric Reinhart isn't looking forward to.

"I'm a maintenance worker so I'll be out there in the thick of it," said Reinhart.

Since we can't beat the storm, it's best to be prepared from generators in case the power goes out to ice melt and everything in between.

Click here to check out the Gill-Roy's website to see what they have in stock.

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