Unanimous vote halts wind turbine projects in Monitor Township

A unanimous vote halts wind turbine projects in Monitor Township. (Jesse Gonzales)

The Monitor Township Board voted to unanimously freeze all wind turbine permits and construction for the time being at Monday night’s meeting.

Hundreds of people came out to speak against the wind turbines at public comment.

There were so many people that about a hundred were forced to stand outside and listen to the meeting from a speaker.

“Look at all the people that came,” one resident said. “They didn’t just come here to say hello to you. They came here for you to listen.”

Everyone who commented spoke with passion, noting why they were against wind turbines.

This included a mother who feared the effects the turbines would have on her kids and a future resident who is building a house right down the road.

“My family would not have decided to come back to Monitor Township if this decision would have already been made,” he said.

A rep with DTE Energy was there.

While it may not have seemed like there was a lot of support at the meeting, he said that wasn’t the case.

“We do have about 29,000 acres of land already signed under easement with land owners in Monitor Township, which represents about 300 people,” Michael Sage with DTE Energy said. “So farmers who have large sections of land are very happy to be signed up with us.”

Some people may be happy, but many of the faces in the crowd screamed otherwise.

The public comment lasted almost three hours and many expressed their disappointment in the board’s lack of transparency.

As for what’s next, the board said the planning commission will go back and look at the dated ordinance.

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