Ugly Quilts helps people in need stay warm

An organization in Goodrich gives people in need a little extra warmth.

Ugly Quilts makes blankets and drops them off to shelters.

For decades people, here at the Goodrich United Methodist Church have made at least 200 quilts a year.

They mostly get taken to Carriage Town and Saint Vincent Depaul in Genesee County, not just during the holidays, but all year round.

On a dreary winter day when most would stay inside if they could these ladies make a routine stop at Goodrich United Methodist Church to help people in need.

“We sometimes have pretty quilts sometimes have ugly quilts but it's beautiful. We know they're going to be warm,” said Barbara Macki.

This is Barbara Macki's 20th year making quilts. And even though she says numbers are down this year.

“One more quilt is better than zero and so we just continue to do our ministry. And we want to continue serving and we know it's needed,” she said.

Different generations sit down together with needles in hand. Like Liesel Macki, Barbara's granddaughter, who's making ugly quilts for her senior capstone.

“It's just being able to do more than you normally would because you're caught up in your own life and being able to help people and have that time is nice,” Liesel said.

These ladies prove the giving Christmas spirit doesn't just happen when the snow comes, but all year round.

“Tell them it's Christmas every day and we need to think about that as we minister. It isn't just in December it should be every day of the year,” Barbara said.

Most of the material to make the quilts is donated.

Ugly quilts also collects different hygiene items to include with their donations.

If you want to help, click here.

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