Two young girls find WWI bomb

Two young girls find WWI bomb

Argentine Township, Mich.

Two Argentine Township girls find a World War I bomb while playing in Lobdell Lake in Genesee County.

"We were playing mermaid and I was a treasure finder," 10-year-old Paige Burnett says.

"At first I thought it was a torpedo because it had a circle face on it," her best friend nine-year-old Sage Menzie says.

They were playing in the lake just behind Menzie's house when they felt the bomb stuck in the mud. Menzie's mom had to help them get it out.

When she discovered what it was, she had the kids back away and set it down as carefully as possible. They were worried it would explode.

A bomb squad came and determined the bomb was not explosive.

Police say it was filled with sand. They say it was used for practice during the war.

The two girls are not sure if they are going to keep it or donate it to a museum, but for now they are enjoying the historical discovery.

Investigators say they have found other bombs in mid-Michigan lakes, but this was one of the largest.

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