Trump signs executive order, mid-Michigan organizations react

Trump signed an executive order to not separate migrant families. (AP)

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that says he will keep migrant families together during detention on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Local organizations are pleased President Trump took this step, butut said he still has so much work yet to do.

“Yesterday he was saying there was nothing he could do about it,” Larry Rodarte with Union Civica Mexicana said. ”Today he took the executive order and listened to the people.”

But prior to this, the White House insisted the president’s hands were tied and that this could only end through congressional action.

Many Mexican-Americans, like Bobby DeLeon, said they want to see more from President Trump.

“He signed today but I don’t believe him yet,” DeLeon said. “It was unbelievable what we were watching on television... unbelievable.”

He said the cries and the images of confused, young children separated from their parents doesn’t just go away.

He said it stays with people.

“Until all the children are back with their parents, then we can start something new,” he said.

As for what will happen to the children who were already separated from their parents, a spokesperson with the Department of Health and Human Services said, the executive order does not change anything in terms of the reunification of those families.

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