Trash piles up in a Saginaw neighborhood

trash 3.jpg

A Saginaw mother is concerned for her children’s well-being as trash continues to pile up on her street.

Despite calls to the city and police, trash piles continue to grow on 8th street between Washington and Norman.

One resident says the issue got worse after a shed was torn down a few months ago.

Bags of trash, broken bottles, boxes, and pieces of wood littering the ground are just a few hazards.

Homeowner and concerned parent Billie Davis said, "Well the biggest issues is that the lot of it is sitting in the sidewalk. Kids like to ride their bikes down through there. Can’t do that when there’s trash in the road. There could be nails, anything in the trash, so that’s a big concern for me for any kid.”

This concerned mother hopes the city can do something about the garbage issues before someone gets hurt.

We've reached out to the city, but have not yet heard back.

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