Toxic algae found in part of Lobdell lake

Samples taken by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality from this green patch of water off Haviland Beach drive showed blue-green algae.

ARGENTINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - On Memorial Day weekend, many are looking to get out on the water for the first time of the season.

But you might not want to if you are out at Lobdell lake in Argentine Township.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says preliminary screening of samples collected on Thursday off Haviland Beach drive on the north side of Lobdell Lake show toxic blue-green algae.

The MDEQ says runoff of nutrients can sometimes cause an algae bloom.

The Environmental Protection Agency says if you swallow it or if blue-green algae gets on your skin, it can cause severe illness, ranging from vomiting to diarrhea.

Dogs are especially at risk because they can ingest more water, and in rare cases, can die from blue-green algae.

Brian Williston lives on the lakefront, and is now worried about the toxic algae in his backyard.

"We will not swim anywhere near this place, I'm not going to even put my jet skis in or my ski boat in, there's no reason to. I don't want to take that risk," said Williston.

The Williston family says they want something done about the algae blooms.

The MDEQ says other samples collected in Lobdell lake near Silver Lake Road and Whitehead drive, the dam outlet, the DNR boat launch, and the Bennett Lake outlet did not have any blue green algae.

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