Township weighs pros and cons on opting in to Medical Marihuana Act

City officials have been considering opting in to Act 281 for nearly a year. (Photo Shawn Coleman/WEYI/WSMH)

BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A special meeting was held in Buena Vista Township tonight to discuss the possibility of opting into the state's Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act.

The Buena Vista Supervisor and township Superintendent hosted the meeting, even brought in a consulting firm to explain Act 281.

This is something city officials have been considering for almost a year.

After going over the 5 different types of licenses, overall costs and regulations, there was also an open forum where residents voiced questions and concerns.

While most residents in attendance were for opting in to the act, mainly believing it would boost local economy, others still have doubts.

Officials plan to make a final vote on the act before the new year.

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