Thetford Township considers Metro Police Authority contract for public safety


THETFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Changes could be coming when it comes to police protection in Thetford Township.

Later this month, the Thetford Township board will consider a plan to allow the Metro Police Authority to run its police department.

According to Metro Police, the one- year plan would cost the township about $220,000.

Right now the authority operates departments in Mundy Township and Swartz Creek.

Gaines Township was added last month on a trial basis.

Thetford Township would provide its own police station, vehicles and other equipment.

"It will hopefully save them money and provide them better service. So I guess when you get right down to it, it is about money. This concept is built around the idea of providing more efficient service at a lesser cost for communities,” said Metro Police Lieutenant Matthew Bade.

Bade also says Metro Police, which just moved into its new headquarters, doesn't want to get into the controversy over surplus military equipment at the township.

He says it would be given back to the military.

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