The Arc of Midland helps displaced Greenhill residents celebrate the holidays

The Arc of Midland helps displaced Greenhill residents celebrate the holidays with a surprise gift. (Photo credit: Jesse Gonzales)

It has been almost a half of year since the fire on the eighth floor of the Greenhill Apartments in Midland.

Even though months have gone by, The Arc of Midland is still helping dozens of the displaced residents, making sure they're not forgotten around the holidays.

From pots and pans to mattresses, the non-profit has given a lot of essentials to residents.

"They gave us beds," resident Kimberly Carpenter said. "They gave my son and I $800 to buy a bed from Dan the Mattress Man."

Carpenter said the organization has been there for her and more than 20 other Greenhill residents since day one.

"I think they've gone above and beyond the call of duty," she said. "They showed up with these Christmas presents. They brought us these nice books with gift cards in them for Walmart."

Carpenter said they just kept on giving.

The organization's executive director Jan Lampman said it was a small gesture to show these residents they're not forgotten, especially this time of year.

"We wanted to make sure that those folks still had a connection here and know there are people that care about them," Lampman said.

Carpenter said the people with The Arc have definitely accomplished that goal.

"It means a lot because those are the kind of people you want in the community," she said. "Those are the kind of people who boost everybody's spirits. We weren't asking for anything. We weren't expecting anything, but for them to surprise us like that out of the goodness of their hearts... it was awesome."

Carpenter said most of her friends from Greenhill don't have cars, so it's been tough to see them.

She said the management with Greenhill hasn't indicated when they will be able to return, but she said she is hoping to be home for the holidays next year.

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