Special golf outing honors loved ones lost to suicide

Special golf outing honors loved ones lost to suicide

BAY COUNTY, Mich. --On a gray day in Pinconning, Vietnam veteran Dale Billingsley brightened up the afternoon with smiles and laughs at Green Hills Golf Course.

But behind the cheer is a sadness Billingsley and his family have known for more than two years.

This outing honors his brother, Bob Billingsley.

“I never thought much about suicide. When you hear about it, it's usually some celebrity or movie star, but when it hits home it's a different outlook on it.”

Billingsley's far from alone.

Suicide, the 10th leading cause of death, doesn't discriminate.

Denise brush knows that after losing her son, Ben Brush, just eight months ago.

But these survivors want something good to come from their grief.

Proceeds from the outing are going to several community organizations that help with finding lost loved ones and suicide.

It hits close to home for former Detroit Lion Herman Moore who came to show support.

“It's hard to understand what goes through the mind of a person who decides to go down that path, but you have to understand there's mental illness, there's depression there's all kinds of things that can lead a person to a place where they feel there are no options.”

Above all participants in Saturday’s outing want people who may struggle to know there's always hope.

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