Snow clean-up continues, roads remain slick

Roads remained snow covered at Old Town in Saginaw

SAGINAW, Mich. - Winter made an abrupt return Friday.

The return of snow had people grabbing their shovels.

"I do still shovel by hand, but it's a little bit too wet today so I'm using my snow blower,” said Laurie Lueder, who lives in Saginaw.

Lueder bought a snow blower last year, but she barely used it until now.

"It's my second year but I only ran it once last year so this is actually my second or third time driving it. I'm just getting used to it," she explained.

We ran into State Representative Vanessa Guerra shoveling in front of her house, and she said it was more snow than she expected.

"Our mailman delivers our mail to our door so I try to make sure he or she has a path," explained Representative Guerra.

She soon discovered it might be difficult to get her mail on Friday.

The mailbox was frozen shut.

"This is not gonna open today, wow," exclaimed Guerra.

The Saginaw County Road Commission was also hard at work.

Their full fleet of 40 plow and salt trucks was on the road Friday.

More work lies ahead on Friday night.

"We'll bring our night crew in, won't be quite as many trucks. Then in the morning we'll be back in to do some more cleanup,” said Dan Medina, the Director of Maintenance for the Saginaw County Road Commission.

But Michiganders like Laurie Lueder say they won't let a little snow ruin their Friday.

"I like snow so it doesn't bother me at all. I grew up in Michigan so I'm used to it. It's wonderful actually,” said Lueder.

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