Self-Sufficiency standard released for Michigan families


The Food Bank Council of Michigan released the standard for Michigan families to achieve self-sufficiency.

"The self-sufficiency standard tells us is what does it take, what amount of wage do they need to earn in order to be self-sufficient and not need support from either family or from the government," says Dr. Phil Knight, Executive Director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan.

The standard look at housing, transportation, food, health care, child care and taxes. But it also factors in those unexpected expenses that people don't think about.

"People are doing the best that they can do and then they have a life upset, that might come in the shape of a flat tire on Michigan roads or it might be your mom in law has to move back home so maybe you can I we can handle that but there's a lot of people right at the line who can't," says Dr. Knight

The United Way of Bay County is one of the organizaitons that helps to match families with the resources and tools they need to gain self-sufficiency.

"We raise funds for various organizations for their programs and services that they offer to low to moderate income families," says Unoted Way CEO Mary Beth Laisure.

One of the organizations the United Way of Bay County funds is the YWCA of the Greater Bay Region and their Getting Ahead program.

"So it is an individualized program for each woman going through so it really just depends on where they are in life and what their goal is, we're here to support them in whatever they need," says Misty Janks, Executive Director of the YWCA of the Greater Bay Region

The Food Bank Council of Michigan says they're hoping the study will spark conversation.

For more information about the Self-Sufficiency Standard, click here.

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