School board takes next step toward closure of Flint Northwestern

The school board takes another step toward the closure of Northwestern. (WEYI/WSMH)

The Flint Community School Board once again delayed a decision that impacts hundreds of families in Flint, whether or not to close Northwestern High at the end of this school year.

NBC25/ FOX66 News has been trying to get answers about this since they first announced the plan back in December.

All they told us Wednesday night at the board meeting was that they are moving forward with the plan.

If Northwestern closes, that mean there would only be one high school for students in the entire city.

"It's gonna be crazy," one student said. "It's gonna be crazy."

Both students and parents said the possibility of closing Northwestern High School worries them.

"There's already too many kids at Southwestern anyway ,so they at least need to keep one more school open for these kids," parent Kesha Deloach said.

While students said they're trying to see the positives, parents can't help but question how this change would be best for their kids.

"They just need to keep it open," Deloach said. "It's gonna be crowded for these kids. Where else are you gonna place them?"

However, parents aren't the only ones second guessing.

"I hate to see Northwestern close," one school board member said. "Northwestern needs to be re-purposed."

At Wednesday night's school board meeting, officials voted to wait and not take action regarding the consolidation of the high schools.

Members not only asked for more time, but for more information before they vote on a decision that will affect so many.

They asked about how this would affect staffing, transportation, etc.

School officials released a statement saying they plan to vote on the closure at the next full board meeting on February 21.

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