Saginaw's 'balloon lady' makes it her mission to get people smiling

Saginaw's Linda Williams makes it her mission to get people smiling. (Photo credit: Amanda Chodnicki)

Many deck out their house with Halloween decorations or put up Christmas lights for the holidays.

But one Saginaw woman has quite the display year-round.

South Weadock may look like your average neighborhood in Saginaw until you pass by a certain house covered in balloons.

The home is just as colorful, just as vibrant as the woman who lives inside, Linda Williams.

"Wow, did I do that? Little, old me?" Williams said. "You know you gotta be surprised in what you can do yourself."

Williams said people in the area call her the 'balloon lady'.

"Everywhere I go they call me the 'balloon lady'," she said. "Yup, I love my balloons."

Many drive by her place, wondering what exactly she is celebrating.

"I celebrate my birthday, your birthday... even the one that not here, the one that die," Williams said.

For her, every day is worth celebrating.

"Thank God you woke up this morning," she said. "This is a celebration, a celebration... a day to be happy! Enjoy in it."

She said her mission is to get others to celebrate with her and to see them smile.

"My mission is my balloons," Williams said. "Bring out peace and happiness for everybody, you know?"

She said she has been doing this since her kids were little and they are now in their 40s.

As long as she has the money to keep it going, she said she doesn't plan to stop.

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