Saginaw police rescue woman from ice after hearing screams

A woman was rescued from the ice in Saginaw after an officer heard her screaming. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

SAGINAW, Mich. – A woman was rescued from the ice in Saginaw after an officer heard her screaming.

The incident happened in the area of West Holland and North Niagara just after 4 a.m. Sunday.

Saginaw police report Officer Doug Stacer was driving with his window cracked when he heard the screams.

Officer Stacer, then accompanied by Officer Jordan Englehart, began investigating the area.

The search led them to a nearby bridge.

That is where police say they discovered a woman lying in the fetal position on the ice, no longer making any sounds.

While Officer Englehart made his way to the woman, Officer Stacer checked the area to determine if the woman was alone or if they had come upon some other situation.

The woman had red-colored skin and slow, shallow breathing.

She was brought back to land by several responding officers, then taken to an area hospital for medical evaluation.

Police say it was determined the woman was intoxicated when she slipped and fell on the ice.

She did not suffer any major injuries from the fall, but exhibited signs of hypothermia.

Medical personnel from MMR said the woman had a body temperature of 85 degrees, she would likely have died had Officer Stacer not heard her screams for help.

The temperature at the time was 1 degree with a -3 wind chill.

Police say the woman was not properly dressed and did not have a cell phone.

“Had it not been for Officer's Stacer driving through the area with his windows cracked down and then determining where the initial yelling was at the female might not have survived the night’s temperatures. The female was out of eye site from any normal traffic and who knows when she would have been located or even worse not located at all,” said the department in a Facebook post.

The department used the incident to highlight why officers on patrol drive with their windows cracked, regardless of the weather.

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