Saginaw County ranked most obese in the state

Saginaw County ranked most obese in the state.( Photo: Sinclair)

SAGINAW COUNTY, Mich-- According to the Centers for Disease Control 28 percent of Americans are obese.

In Saginaw County the obesity rate is almost 40 percent.

Among adults 23 percent say they don't exercise at all.

Contributing factors to obesity include lack of access to healthy foods, increased inactivity and easy access to high calorie fast foods.

Ann Hoffman is a clinical dietitian at Covenant.

She says fighting the epidemic starts with what we're teaching our youth.

Children should get about an hour of exercise a day while adults need about 30 minutes.

Hoffman encourages both parents and children to turn off the TV and get outside. lastly parents should never use food as a reward or punishment and if you're a woman studies show breastfeeding tends to curb obesity.

Hoffman also tells me many patients say eating healthy is expensive.

She encourages them to head to the grocery store and compare the costs for a bag of chips to what a bag of tangerines costs and the results might surprise you.

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