Saginaw County mosquito control warns to remove standing water

Old tires can become mosquito breeding sites because of the standing water inside.

SAGINAW, Mich. - The arrival of summer weather means it's time for barbecues and beaches, but it can also mean buzzing mosquitoes trying to bite you.

"They've been pretty bad this year, especially at night," said Federico Perez who lives in Saginaw.

He wears bug spray to avoid mosquito bites.

Last week's discovery of West Nile Virus in Saginaw County also reminds him to remove mosquito breeding sites.

"Get rid of the old tires that are laying around, and standing water, do something with that too,” said Perez.

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One of the places that's most likely to breed mosquitoes are these old tires with standing water inside.

Next week at five locations around Saginaw county you can dispose of your old tires once and for all.

"People can drive in, we'll get your information on where you're at and how many tires, get them loaded up, bring them back here, and then they'll get recycled," said Bill Stanuszek, Mosquito Abatement Director for Saginaw county.

He says although most cases of West Nile virus are not severe, you should still avoid mosquito bites.

"That's usually what you see with these mosquito borne diseases. Very small percent chance that you're going to be hospitalized or sometimes death which we obviously don't want to see," said Stanuszek.

Saginaw County mosquito control also works to stop mosquitos from breeding inside catch basins.

One packet of mosquito growth inhibitor dropped into a catch basin by bicycle teams who cross the county can kill mosquitoes.

"So that goes in there and as mosquito larva swim around they absorb that into their systems and they're able to develop into the pupil stage. Mosquitoes are like butterflies, they've got to go through the cocoon stage, but in here it's a mobile pupa and that chemical does not allow them to emerge as adults," said Stanuszek.

Stanuszek said their work reduces the chance of a pesky mosquito ruining your summer fun.

Locations where Saginaw County residents can drop off tires next week are as follows:

  • Monday, June 18- TA Truck Stop, 6364 Dixie Hwy, Bridgeport
  • Tuesday, June 19 - St. Charles Township Hall, 1003 N. Saginaw Street, St. Charles
  • Wednesday, June 20 - Albee Township Community Center, 10645 East Rd. (M-13), Albee Township
  • Thursday, June 21 - James Township Hall, 6060 Swan Creek Road, James Township
  • Friday, June 22 - Frankenmuth Township Hall, 210 W. Genesee, Frankenmuth
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