Saginaw County Bell Ringer Rings in Donations with Dance Moves

Joseph Stricker dances outside of Sam's Club in an effort to ring in donations for The Salvation Army. (Photo credit: Jesse Gonzales)

Instead of just smiling and saying Merry Christmas, one Saginaw County man is taking a more creative approach to his holiday bell ringing.

Now, his video is capturing the attention of the nation.

In fact, it went viral on Facebook with thousands of shares and views.

While many have seen the video, most don't know much about the man behind it, Joseph Stricker.

Stricker's moves Monday through Friday are mostly punches and kicks.

He teaches kids martial arts at his studio, Martial Arts Connection, in Saginaw.

But on the weekends, he switches up his moves.

He is a bell ringer for The Salvation Army, or I guess you could say, a street dancer.

Some shoppers recognized him from the viral Facebook video he posted days ago.

"I was hoping he'd be here when I came," one shopper said. "I saw it on the news."

Others just got a surprise performance walking into the Sam's club on Bay Road in Kochville Township.

"Well, it put me in a happy spirit also... made me want to dance a little bit," another said.

People danced and joined right on in the fun.

For Joseph, it's a way to keep warm.

"I just can't stand still," Stricker said. "I got to move when I'm hearing music and I'll tell you I don't feel the cold. I mean when you're out there dancing having fun... all the other stuff... the elements... it's not there."

But most importantly, he said, it's a way for him to bring warm smiles to people's faces.

"I don't know if people have bad days or what on Fridays, but so many people walk up without smiles and when they see me, they start smiling, they start dancing," he said.

Stricker said he hopes this sends a message to his students.

"They're like, 'Oh there's sensei,'" he said. "They go, 'Oh, I see you dancing and stuff like that," and the parents... the parents love it because that's why they take them to my school. They know I'm not just going to teach them how to defend themselves, but to live life and enjoy life."

If you would like to see Stricker dance, you can catch him next Saturday at the Sam's Club on Bay Road.

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