Rowdy crowds cause problems for several Saginaw businesses


    Police said fights having been breaking out at local businesses across Saginaw this summer.

    According to Detective Sergeant Oscar Lopez with the Saginaw Police Department they were called out to an altercation at 2:30 a.m. Monday at the Sunoco Gas Station on Holland and East Genesee.

    Employees at the Sunoco said it's a never-ending cycle.

    They said rowdy young adults and teens gather in their parking lot every weekend.

    But this morning, police said, it got completely out of hand.

    "It's every weekend," Stephanie Flores said. "They're out there in the driveway, dancing, making noise."

    Flores lives a couple houses down from the Sunoco and she said she's used to the commotion.

    "The last time there were like 15 cops that came," she said.

    But she never saw something like what happened in a viral Facebook video obtained by NBC25/ FOX66 News.

    In the video, Dt. Sgt. Lopez said, a woman got into her car and drove.

    He said not only did she hit another car, but she also hit another person.

    Lopez said it's an ongoing battle and it doesn't just happen at this location.

    He said these young adults and teens gather at other businesses.

    In fact, some business owners said they have been closing earlier because of it.

    Flores said she fears it will only get worse.

    "I means if it escalates to be where people are shooting or anything like that... I would be scared," she said. "We have little ones in the house."

    Lopez said he did not know the extent of the person's injuries who was hit, but he does know they were taken to the hospital.

    He also said they know the identity of the woman driving the car and are working on the investigation.

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