Putting batteries to the test: which are worth your money?

Photo credit: MGN

When you're in the market to buy new batteries, you'll find what seems like endless options.

Which one truly delivers the highest energy, the longest lasting and the greatest value? With 11 identical, never-before-used flashlights, we loaded them with eleven different AA batteries.

The prices ranged from $.13-1.74 a piece.

We turned the flashlights on and started counting. For the most part, the lithium batteries appeared to outlast the alkaline ones. All except for an alkaline battery purchased for $.25 at Ikea. It shined for 20 hours before finally going dark.

A few batteries did last longer, but hen it comes to value, the $.25 Ikeas became one shining star.

Before you buy a new batch, watch the video above to see which are the best quality at the best price.

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