Profitt Report: Where to find fall travel deals

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With the end of summer comes the end of vacation season, right? Not necessarily! The fall shoulder season is a great time to save money on travel.

This time of year is called a shoulder season because we only have this tiny sliver of window to enjoy fall colors and temperatures. However, if you have the flexibility, you’ll find some deep travel discounts.

“We cruise about three times a year,” said Neena Griffin just before catching her flight at Bishop International Airport in Flint.

She flies often and gives us her favorite savings tips.

“Try and use frequent flyer miles, I try to shop Expedia. I prefer Southwest Airlines because they have no change fees so if I have to change my plans because of weather like what just happened in the hurricane, I don't have to worry about how I’m going to pay for it,” Griffin said.

John Schmitt, president of Frankenmuth and Grand Hill Travel Services, explains how to take advantage of seasonal travel deals.

“People are busy doing other things and these hotels are sitting there empty and they want to get filled,” he said.

Schmitt’s first tip: if you’re a fan of cruising like Griffin, try out a re-positioning cruise.

“When cruise lines are moving their fleet from Europe to the Caribbean or from the Caribbean to Alaska, depending on time of year, those are generally longer experiences so you're at sea longer,” Schmitt said.

This usually happens in transition seasons and re-positioning cruises are often cheaper than a regular cruise.

Next, Schmitt said certain escorted vacations are about 50 percent off the peak season rate this time of year.

“You’re looking at a seven-day vacation for $638 for Costa Rica. That's for meals, site-seeing. Airfare is additional but a lot of people have frequent flyer miles out there,” he said.

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