Profitt Report: These generations might need to brush up on their phone skills

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A few decades ago, young people were accused of talking on the phone for hours, clogging up the landline. Today, the issue has gone digital with smart phones! As technology improves, some say the art of simply speaking to someone is being lost.

Ask Bill Stec, assistant director of Career Services at Saginaw Valley State University, what’s one of the number one thing job-seekers lack nowadays?

“Social media has definitely taken a toll into communication skills,” Stec said, “they're still struggling to talk to individuals, even if it's on the phone or in-person.”

A survey by tech-company, LivePerson, finds majority of generation Z and millennials would prefer texting over speaking on the phone. Just like any other muscle, if you aren’t flexing your phone skills, they’ll get weak, which will likely be a problem in the workplace. Stec said they’re seeing more phone-interviews preceding in-person interviews.

“Just to get a better understanding of that individual, are they answering those questions? Okay I’m impressed, let's bring you in, in-person,” he said.

Here are a few common-sense ways to sharpen your phone skills:

“Make sure there's no background noises, you're in the room alone with no animals, no roommates, no significant others,” Stec said.

Next, speak clearly and not too quickly. It’s easy to let your words run together when you’re nervous. Last, don’t forget simple manners. Begin with a polite greeting.

“The biggest thing is saying ‘thank you’ at the end, it was nice meeting you today, can't wait to hear from you again,” Stec said.

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