Profitt Report: Secrets to Success, the Children's Zoo in Saginaw

A donkey at the Saginaw Children's Zoo poses for a picture. Photo credit: Jennifer Profitt

Whether you’re in the mood for a friend with feathers, fur or flippers, the Saginaw Children’s Zoo has something for everyone, including a rich history.

“The zoo opened in 1929 by commissioner George Phoenix,” said Robin Carey, conservation curator at the zoo.

She explained, the zoo then closed for several years and re-opned in 1967. Until the 90s, the city of Saginaw owned and operated the park.

“Then the nonprofit Saginaw Valley Zoological Society took over management of and operation of the zoo and that really relieved a huge financial burden from the city,” Carey said.

In the zoo’s recent history, they earned a prestigious accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

“It's the gold standard for the industry and that signifies to everybody we have the utmost in animal care, we have the best veterinary practices, we have the best way of taking care of our visitors and volunteers,” Carey said.

Zoo keepers take detailed notes of the animals including their behavior, eating habits, fur, etc., Carey said.

“It takes a huge staff, it takes huge support from the community so we have immense community support, we have a wonderful volunteer base, they vastly outnumber the staff,” she said.

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