Profitt Report: Online shopping strategies for procrastinators

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Just a few more days til Christmas, but don’t panic if you haven’t purchased all the gifts you need yet. Consumer Reports says online retailers are eager to deliver to those who procrastinate, but you need to know who will give you the best delivery deal and get your stuff to you on time.

The key to desperation internet shopping is to pay attention to the delivery deadlines. Many retailers offer two day delivery for addresses within the United States, and sometimes it’s even free. But this year with Christmas falling on a Monday, you may need to give yourself a little additional time. Walmart offers free two-day shipping for orders over $35 year round. But order by 2 p.m. Dec. 20 to get it by Christmas. Amazon Prime members also get free two day shipping for eligible merchandise. Deadline Dec. 22. LL Bean offers free delivery year round, but get that order in by Tuesday, Dec. 19 to be sure to get your purchases in time.

Another wrinkle: some delivery services may have limited delivery on Sunday, Christmas Eve day. UPS isn’t planning on any non-critical deliveries on Dec. 24. Fedex will have limited service. The trusty United States Postal Service however, says it will deliver on the day before Christmas.

Another last minute option – order online and pick up at a local store. Depending on availability of the product, Walmart will take in store pickup orders every day including through December 25. If you’re really stuck you may be able to get orders over $35 on the same day from Amazon prime depending on the item and the zip code it’s being delivered to.

And for the very very last minute present, e-gift cards are the answer. They can even be ordered on the holiday itself. But if you put some thought into it and choose one that fits the person’s interests or needs, it will no doubt be appreciated.

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