Profitt Report: New ATM skimming devices allows thieves to steal your info via Bluetooth


Inside a Washington DC digital evidence lab, a new generation of skimming devices are under the microscope.

"They always come up with different types of devices," said Brianna Hahn, digital forensic scientist.

Hahn describes "deep insert skimmers."

"They're placed directly inside the reader part of an ATM machine, so you can't easily detect if there's a skimming device on the system," she said.

While your credit or debit card is in the reader, a micro SD card mounted on the side or connected remotely, collects data. This isn't a concern for just ATM machines either: consumer should be careful at gas pumps as well.

The deep insert skimmers work via Bluetooth. That means, once they're implanted inside the card reader, thieves can pair it with another device from feet away and download your personal information.

Parts for these new skimmers can be easily found on the internet for $10-12.

"Sometimes they're paired with cameras as well," said Hahn, "so the skimming device will read the credit card information and then the camera will record your pin number."

Experts recommend you cover your pin number with your hand, use a credit card, it's safer, and be choosy about which ATMs you use.

"I wouldn't use a random ATM in an area like a gas station or a hotel, I would just be cautious as to what kind of system they're using," Hahn said.

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