Profitt Report: New app delivers lawn care to your door

They call it 'Uber for lawn care.'

The new startup is the brain child of a Michigan State University graduate and his partner, and it could be coming to a smart phone near you very soon.

"We started cutting grass in high school," Brandon Bertrang, MSU grad and co-founder of the Lawn Guru smart phone app.

He and his friend saw a broken business model that hadn't been keeping up with technology.

"It's a blue collar industry, there's no office, there's no receptionist," he said. "So when a customer decides they want someone to cut their lawn, there's no transparency throughout that transaction."

That's how the Lawn Guru app was born.

"We're just introducing a little bit of technology to bring it up to what people are expecting today," Bertrang said.

Here's how it works: say you need your grass cut; first, register your property with the app and draw the outline of your lawn with your finger.

"It'll tell you your price, right down here," said co-founder Skye Durrant, pointing at the bottom of his iPhone screen.

Enter your credit card information and your request will be sent to lawn care businesses in the area.

They can approve the request, and just like that someone is en route to cut your grass.

"If the job comes in before 3 p.m., they have to finish it the same day, weather permitting," Durrant said.

It's only available in the Wixom-area right now, but they're quickly expanding.

"We plan on being in 25 different metropolitan areas within the first year hopefully, and nationwide within two years," Bertrang said.

They have plans to be in the mid-Michigan area before too long.

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