Profitt Report: Keep your family's busy school year schedule under control

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Once the final bell rings and kids are on their way home, the real juggling begins. After school meetings, sports and homework are just a few of the items on your kids’ to-do list. If last year’s after school schedule ran you ragged, try these organizing ideas to streamline your family’s activities.

One more long weekend before a brand new year and a brand new schedule.

“I think, ‘oh no, the school year!’ And we're always busy, we always have stuff going on, it's just a matter of how much structure there is to the schedule,” said Michelle Mersy, a Saginaw Township mother of two.

To keep their school year schedules on track, Mersy and her kids developed a system. Two charts: one for chores, one for their daily appointments.

She DIY’d the household chores chart (or as they call them in Mersy’s home, “household contributions” to enlist a sense of ownership) out of cookie sheets and magnets.

“Last year, this was silly, but we took a piece of butcher paper, I mean it was 12 feet long, we hung it on the wall. We wrote everybody's goals for the year as well as their schedule,” said Joanie Demer, co-founder of the Krazy Coupon Lady.

Demer said the paper held everything from yearly goals, such as kids building their confidence, and daily tasks, like brushing their teeth!

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