Profitt Report: How to buy a quality, long-lasting suit

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Whether it’s for a holiday party or a job interview, nothing beats a quality suit. However, nice suits don’t always come cheap.

Here’s the thing about men’s’ suits: they’re going to cost you a nice chunk of change no matter what. However, there are things you can do to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible.

“I look for something that's good quality, you can feel the material, the cut of the suit,” said Waldo Bronson while shopping at Craig Ryan in Grand Blanc Township.

Bronson takes his suit-buying seriously.

“Always spend good money on your clothes because you want them to last. If you don't, you can tell very quickly that it's cheap,” he said.

That’s advice he’s also giving his grandson.

“First year on his job and he wants to know what kind of suit should I buy? Something that's going to look good, something that's going to last and something that's stylish,” Bronson said.

Three good points, which we took to Keith Saltsman, general manager at Craig Ryan.

“I would say half the battle is fabric, half the battle is fit/tailoring,” Saltsman said.

Let’s start with fabric. Saltsman said either navy or charcoal grey are good, all-purpose colors.

“Typically if you get what they call super 120s fabric, you'll get a very nice fabric,” Saltsman said.

Tailoring is everything. Saltsman said men’s’ suits are trimmer and more-form fitting these days.

“I think you can take a moderate priced suit and have it tailored well and look good in it,” he said.

Mid-range means $500-800 said Saltsman, but think of this as an investment.

“If you buy cheaper clothing, cheaper suits, you're going to replace them more often,” he said.

Looking put-together is something you can’t overstate, Bronson said.

“You can only make one first impression and when people see you looking good, you may get that second interview or that second sale or the first sale,” Bronson said.

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