Profitt Report: Holiday shopping before Halloween? Survey says many are doing it

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There tends to be two camps of people: those who love the holidays and can’t get enough, and those who want to let Halloween and Thanksgiving breathe before focusing on December.

Wherever you fall, a little prep work now could save you a ton of money later this year.

“First it was Black Friday, then it was Thanksgiving day, then it was a few days before, so now we're seeing so many people are having their shopping done,” said financial professional Mindy McIntosh of McIntosh & Associates in Freeland.

According to the savings website, Retail Me Not, 45 percent of people plan to start shopping before November.

“Which I think is great if people are properly planning ahead, they just need to make sure… you have that list, items of things you're going to purchase,” McIntosh said.

She said while shopping early can mean you’re taking advantage of coupons and sales; it can also lead to you spending more money on accident.

“Clients say, ‘I don't know where I put that,’” she said.

If you’re buying slowly over a few months, you might forget what you already bought and spend more than you originally intended.

McIntosh said to know how much you plan to spend per person and keep an eye on what they’re interested in.

You’ll find coupon codes online, make sure to search for them and learn how to stack coupon codes.

“Retail Me Not is wonderful for different coupons or discounts you can receive,” McIntosh said.

If you’re making early purchases, keep the receipt. That way, if you find a better deal, you can return the item and save your coins.

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