Profitt Report: Here's the fastest way to spring clean your whole house

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Even though she makes her living as a professional organizer, Brigitte Todd of Groveland Township struggles with daily chores, just like the rest of us.

“No time, the kids, one is in a play, one is doing track,” she said.

Through her business, ClutterToss, she helps clients organize to make life more enjoyable and less stressful. She coaches clients through the same cleaning processes she uses on her own home: none chore at a time.

“I call them scraps of time, you have five minutes, you have seven minutes, do something small. By the end of the month, you'll be surprised how those scraps of time add up,” Todd said.

The same advice Sara Morrow gives: she’s the deputy home editor at Consumer Reports. She said break up a room into tasks, for example, start with your bedroom. First, clean out your closet. Next, don’t forget your bed! You sleep there every night, your mattress could use a vacuum

“Then take a box of baking soda, sprinkle it evenly over the surface of your mattress, that's going to help to deodorize and freshen up the surface,” Morrow said, “we recommend leaving that up to 24 hours, you'll have to make other sleeping arrangements for that night.”

Don’t forget to clean your cleaning machines.

“Run a cycle in the washing machine, no clothes, on the hottest setting with a cup of bleach,” Morrow said, “you don't need to buy any specialty equipment.”

In fact, Morrow said you rarely need to buy any special cleaning products at all. Your all-purpose cleaner, bleach and vinegar will do the trick, depending on the job.

Another spring time problem: allergies. Morrow suggests trying a high efficiency filter on your vacuum and an air purifier. She suggests a Kenmore Elite 31150 bagged upright vacuum. Consumer Reports testers recommend the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier.

Last, Todd said to set yourself up for success: you’re not going to feel like making dinner after completing a few projects, so make dinner easy by throwing something in a slow cooker.

“Then treat yourself when you’re done, you have the whole room accomplished, say okay, I get a piece of chocolate or I get to break and read a book or something,” Todd said.

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