Profitt Report: Headache-free gift returns

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Last year, Americans were expected to waste an average of $9.5 billion in unwanted gifts according to Returning gifts can be a hassle but if you read the fine print, you'll have a headache-free experience.

"It's all about the time table," said Sara Skirboll, the shopping and trends expert for the website, RetailMeNot, "think about where we shop these days, when you look at those receipts, sometimes they can be miles long but there are always some kind of return policy."

Skirboll said the two biggest items returned during the holiday season: apparel and beauty items, such as perfume.

"Pay attention to if there's a return shipping fee or a restocking fee, really look at the fine print and know exactly where you're going," she said.

For example, Best Buy charges a restocking fee of $35 for cell phones and devices that can be activated, along with unlocked phones.

Some stores don’t require a receipt, such as Walmart.

If taking it back to the store doesn’t work, think outside the box. Skirboll suggests selling the item on eBay or Craig's List.

You could also donate the item to charity or re-gift it. However, if you choose to re-gift, Skirboll said to be sure there aren't any personalized tags attached to the item.

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